In pursuit of starting his music career, after surviving a 95mph crash to Los Angeles, it was a long drive in 2007 that showed the resilience and determination of N DOT C. Raised in the Fairview Projects of small town Seguin, Texas; Noah “N DOT C” Castillo wasn’t short of impressionable jesters. In 2018, through much deliberation and soul searching N DOT C had the courage to resign from his steady IT job, and pursue his music career full time. Thus the courageous leap of faith inspired the title of his latest release, “Go For It.”

    His journey as an artist earned him appearances with San Antonio television programs such as the leading morning program in San Antonio, KENS 5 “Great Day SA”, WOAI’s morning entertainment segment, “Where’s Cleto”, and a debut performance on the Internationally recognized viral web series, “Balcony TV” in which he performed at the honorable Austin City Hall.

    It was in 98’ when N DOT C jotted his first rhymes while in Junior High School. In 2007 he vacated to the grand city of Los Angeles and graduated from the L.A. Recording School. Hollywood had another story to tell when N DOT C made his television debut on the very 1st episode of ‘LA Dreams.’ In 2009 he debuted his 1st ever music video “I Need Love (I Figured It Out).” The video was recognized, rewarded, and was the first ever music video allowed in The Seguin Film Festival. Writing since 1998, and producing since 2003, N DOT C is passionate towards making great music. “I feel that I’m Greatness, but it’s my job to let everybody else see it in me, and themselves.”